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Amy Goodman: Breaking the Sound Barrier: Part 2 on Cable Access TV in St. Paul & Minneapolis

KFAI brought Democracy NOW host Amy Goodman for a talk in November at the University of Minnesota. Amy, as well as Denis Moynihan, had recently been stopped and interrogated by armed border guards while crossing into Canada.

Dig Deep in One Place: A Couple’s Journey to a Spiritual Life” explains the actual recipe that the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are and how they can assist anyone in the transformation of their lives. This important Health Notes conversation will explain how the Fifield’s lived their lives together moving through their relationship, marriage, codependency, addiction, and health issues to happy, joyous freedom. The Steps are way to rise above fear and live a happy and peaceful life. The Fifield’s have no desire to tell anyone how to do the Twelve Steps but to begin to scrape away.

Health Notes Airs Mondays 6:30-7:30PM


Laurent Cantet, director of the acclaimed French film, THE CLASS, will be interviewed by Caryl Minnetti on Sunday, February 15 at 8:30 pm on Bonjour Minnesota. The film follows the experiences of Francois (played by Francois Begaudeau, who wrote the screenplay based on his own experiences) and his fellow teachers as they prepare for a new year at a high school in a tough neighborhood.

“By offering her own experience, strength, and hope, Nancy Johnston provides practical solutions to all of us who struggle with separating ourselves from others in a loving way.

“By offering her own experience, strength, and hope, author Nancy Johnston provides practical solutions to all of us who struggle with separating ourselves from others in a loving way. She guest this Monday, Oct.

DJ SLT will be spinning 2 sets for Next Element on friday, Sept 5th. Goth, industrial, 80’s new wave, and anything else. It will be just like listening to Across The Board, but with a dance floor.

Also hear hosts DJ Nitrogen & DJ Noise spin through out the night. 2 for 1 drink specials from 10 – 11.

Addmission is 18+ $8 & 21 + $6

Fresh Fruit pays Tribute to Dr. Charles Nolte who passed away last week. Join Dixie Treichel & John Townsend on Thursday Jan 21, 2010 from 7:30pm to 8:30pm with guests: Eric Colleary, Shamey Cramer, Allegra Lingo, Damon Rudman

Eric Colleary, Graduate Archivist and Project Coordinator of the
Charles M.

Dr. Jeffrey M. Schwartz guests on Health Notes,: Monday Aug. 22. The author presents a simple four-step method for overcoming OCD that is so effective that it’s now used in academic treatment centers throughout the world.

Proven by brain-imaging tests to actually alter the brain’s chemistry, this method doesn’t rely on psychopharmaceuticals.

Why are so many people experiencing thyroid imbalance? Are you cold, experiencing weight gain, fatigue, hair loss, memory loss, irritability and the list goes on. Your thyroid may not be working properly and why is that?

Atrazine: What is it, why is it in our environment and what does that mean to you?

Dr. Rob Bruly will provide us with important information to stay healthy during the winter season

Dr. Bruly is a Medical Doctor and a Doctor of Chiropractic and Holistic Medicine. He holds the honor of being in the first graduating class at the Mayo Medical School in Rochester, Minnesota, in 1976.