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Join Kinshasha for a transformational evening of vibrational experience with Sound Masters Jonathan and Andi Goldman as they share their wisdom, insight and experience
about the Principles of Sound.

May 20 and 21st they will be leading a Soundsation Conference at Normandale Community Auditorium

Jonathon and Andi talk about:
• The World of Sound and
Vibrational Energy, Vowels as

Our country is in the midst of an unprecedented drilling boom where companies are polluting more water than the region’s wastewater treatment plants can handle. States in the path have found that they simply aren’t equipped to protect their drinking water supplies. The waste water is also being shipped to neighboring states for treatment and is being discharged into their lakes and rivers.

You have an extremely powerful gift. It is your Gut Wisdom, your intuition, your inner sense of knowing. When we ignore our Gut Wisdom, we can feel muscle tension, bloating, nausea, and constipation. These are signs of energy blocks.

State Represemtative Carolyn Laine and the Authors of the award-winning book, Living Consciously, Dying Gracefully: A Journey with Cancer and Beyond, Nancy Manahan & Becky Bohan will be talking about Home death care, Natural burials, MN. State Legislation and Green Burials with Kinshasha

Kinshasha will be talking with Dr. Ricki Robinson and Nzingha West who worked in the NYC school system as a special education teacher and has now started her own company so she can help parents across the country more directly without her hands being tied by bureacreacy.

Nzingha West’s book is Is My Kid Stupid: Avoiding an Educational Disaster, and Dr.

Legendary Singer/Songwriter Janis Ian speaks on Fresh Fruit about her upcoming concert in St. Paul with Tom Paxton. Support Fresh Fruit with a pledge and receive 2 concert tickets.

Join Leigh Combs and Dixie Treichel on Fresh Fruit, Thursday, April 7 from 7pm-8pm to hear this special interview with Janis Ian (whose birthday is April 7).

It used to be that veganism was only for the extreme eaters who in abstaining from all meat and dairy products received some tough criticism from nutrition and medical experts.

But attacks on vegans are becoming less frequent as health and medical professionals have discovered just how healthy, albeit disciplined, this way of eating can be if it’s done correctly.

Emily Bronte, Bloody Mary and Dido Queen of Carthage are the historic women for tonight’s show celebrating Women’s History Month with Fresh Fruit:/freshfruit hosts Dixie Treichel & John Townsend on March 17 at 7pm


Heidi Arneson, playwright, actress
Dale Johnson, Artistic Director MN Opera
Carin Bratlie, Artistic Director Theatre Pro Rata
*Monica Brewster, Historic Consulta

Do you feel something’s “not quite right” or out of balance about your home?

Do you wish your home was more satisfying to you?

Is your home a source of comfort, joy, and harmony?

Is your home contributing to your emotional and physical health?
Does your home feel meaningful to you?

Seldom is home looked at as a totality including beauty and balance, creativity and collaboration,

Kinshasha talks with Aromatherapist Joy Bowles about the Chemistry of Aromatherapeutic Oils She offers a practical approach to understanding the chemical functional groups and pharmacological actions of essential oils.

Aromatherapist Joy Bowles has taught at the highly regarded Nature Care College in Sydney and run workshops for the International Federation of Aromatherapists.


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