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Join Dixie Treichel & John Townsend on Fresh Fruit with guests Ellen Fullman and Arvid Nelsen on Thursday October 21 from 7pm to 8pm

Ellen Fullman, composer, sound artist, instrument maker
Visiting McKnight Artist

In 1981 Ellen Fullman: began developing the “Long String Instrument,” an installation of dozens of wires fifty feet or more in length, tune

Emily Bronte, Bloody Mary and Dido Queen of Carthage are the historic women for tonight’s show celebrating Women’s History Month with Fresh Fruit:/freshfruit hosts Dixie Treichel & John Townsend on March 17 at 7pm


Heidi Arneson, playwright, actress
Dale Johnson, Artistic Director MN Opera
Carin Bratlie, Artistic Director Theatre Pro Rata
*Monica Brewster, Historic Consulta

Kinshasha will talk with Melvin Anderson about his goal to end childhood obesity in Minnesota one community at a time.

As the founder and CEO of Youth Determined to Succeed (YDS), Minnesota’s most comprehensive youth health, fitness and wellness service organization Anderson will talk about the strategies that his organization is employing to help our youth.

Health Notes will be exploring how to energize and heal our heart’s wounds with Puran & Susanna Bair. In their new book:

In Entering the Healing Ground¸ author and soul activist Francis Weller, offers a new vision of grief and sorrow. He reveals the hidden vitality in grief, uncovered when the heart welcomes the sorrows of our life and those of the world. We are ripened in times of loss, made more human by the rites of grief. Through story, poetry and insightful reflections, Francis offers a meditation on the healing power of grief. Kinshasha hosts a powerful conversation that you do not want to miss.
Health Notes Airs Mondays 6:30-7:30PM


Have you ever experienced an epiphany ~ a life-changing moment or realization? Elise Ballard did and was so stunned by its effect on her life that she started asking others if they had ever experienced these kinds of breakthroughs. What began as simple curiosity led to an unexpected and exciting journey, spanning several years and the breadth of human experience.

Thursday, January 29th at 11 am ground-breaking author Erica Jong talks with Write on Radio hosts Ian and Lynette about her newest book, a collection of poetry called Love Comes First.

Thursday, August 7th, Ann Rosenquist Fee, a writer of intimate literary fiction, talks on Write on Radio about her current stories and upcoming events.

KFAI will broadcast the Twin Cities’ Ethiopian New Year Celebration live from Matthews Park on Sunday, September 9th from 2:30-6pm.

Tune in to the Wave Project this Sunday at 6 p.m. as students from Opportunity High School in Minneapolis share their creativity and thoughts about being from East Africa, as well as living and learning in America. Hear their views on culture and hopes for new lives as they grow to become active citizens within their communities.