Community Voices

Jenny West of Homeshare St. Croix:, is this segment’s community voice.

Teresa Dettle and Mercedes Martinez are this segment’s community voices.

Kathy Dougherty of Metro Meals on Wheels:, is this segment’s community voice.

Karine Cantin of Alliance Francaise, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the French language and French culture, is this segment’s community voice.

Kids n’ Kinship is a non-profit organization in Apple Valley, MN that provides friendship to children and youth ages 5-16, who need positive role models.

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The Center for Energy and Environment is inviting you to take the Minnesota Energy Challenge.

Renee Gust from Hennepin County Public Health Promotion talks to ‘Community Voices’ about efforts to prevent teen pregnancy, and what teens say about how adults can support them in making sound sexual health decisions.

Renee Gust

Phone: 612-348-4935
FAX: 612-348-7548

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