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When you imagine a circus troupe that travels the country to perform on city streets, your mind probably thinks back to the Middle Ages. But for the actors who call themselves the Unseen Ghost Brigade, they don’t see themselves as dated.

Erik McClanahan and Peter Schilling are your hosts this week, for the last episode of Movie Talk. We have a great show!

Love is hard to find – and if you’re looking for someone who can quote Battlestar Galactica, love might be especially hard to find. That’s why an organization called Nerds at Heart has come to Minneapolis. It’s helping trekkies and computer programmers alike find love from across the metro area. KFAI’s Michelle Brook has the story.


Quick quiz: What Twin Cities lake is also known as Midi-Maka-Ska? It’s Lake Calhoun, and it is the site of the 2nd Annual Canoe Nations Gathering on Friday morning. As American Indian Month comes to a close, KFAI’s Ahndi Fridell previews two events taking place this week.


The Consulate of Mexico kicks off a year of cultural events to celebrate Mexico’s bicentennial. KFAI’s Lydia Howell has a review.


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The Target Center was bustling with the sounds of many different languages, melodies, and musical instruments on Sunday for the Lift Kids United World Campaign. The all-day event featured performers from a variety of different ethnic communities in celebration of Minnesota’s cultural diversity. KFAI’s Ian Yue got a sneak peak of this world-class event.


So when is it ok to laugh at someone who’s handicapped? When it’s Josh Blue, the Last Comic Standing from NBC’s 2006 season. He recently performed at the University of Minnesota. At first, KFAI’s Will Wright just wanted to watch the show, but he also knew he wanted to ask Blue why he chose comedy. As Wright discovered, it can be blamed on botany.


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An investigator of the September 11th attacks comes to the Twin Cities questioning the official theories of 9/11 and America’s military policy. KFAI’s Lydia Howell has an interview. The two-part interview with David Ray Griffin can be found on KFAI’s Catalyst: homepage.


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Over the past few years, Americans have gradually been learning that there’s something wrong with our food system, and that it’s affecting our health, our farmers, and our economy. The movie Fresh:, delivers this message in a positive way. Special screenings of Fresh will be taking place this week in Mineapolis.

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V-Day Minneapolis continues the annual activism and performances to end violence against women and girls. KFAI’s Lydia Howell reports.


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