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Some called it Americanization (a good thing at the time), and some called it social engineering or control (always controversial).

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The Nightinghales join Spin with Cyn, to perform live-in-studio! Various members are long-time musicians of the music scene as the Nightinghales as well as members of Idle Hands, Faux Jean and more. Nightinghales music harkens to the halceon days of Brit-pop – the Kinks, David Bowie, the Rolling Stones, as well as early US underground such as Velvet Underground, Johnny Thunders and more.

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Join Host Dixie Treichel on “Fresh Fruit“: July 29, 2010 from 7pm-8pm

The first ever Aegis Foundation: High Heel Dash invites both men and women to show off their glamorous athletic prowess for a good cause!

Dana Munson, Communications Coordinator
Emergency Foodshelf Network

*William Panzarell

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This week on MinneCulture, producer Andy Driscoll takes an in-depth look at Penumbra Theatre—celebrating its 34th anniversary as the only Twin Cities theater producing plays by, of and for the African-American community. Penumbra’s legacy includes 27 world premieres of important plays by Black playwrights, and the starting place for all of August Wilson’s plays.

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Learn more about a serious health issue that is mired in controversy, politics, unkowns, and which can have serious, even life-threatening effects upon your life.

Dr. Bruly is a Medical Doctor and a Doctor of Chiropractic and Holistic Medicine. He holds the honor of being in the first graduating class at the Mayo Medical School in Rochester, Minnesota, in 1976.

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St. Paul’s recycling provider, Eureka Recycling, has begun a pilot project to test curbside pick-up of compostable materials. Six hundred homes will participate in the three-month study to see how landfilled waste can be reduced with industrial composting. KFAI’s Asa Diebolt reports on the project.


The Unitarian Universalists Association General Assembly is meeting in Minneapolis from June 23-27. Amongst other things, they will be voting on a Statement of Conscience for Creating Peace. KFAI’s Connor Molloy spoke to one of the Statement’s authors.


John C. Reilly is one of cinema’s most versatile character actors, equally at home in comedies and dramas. His new movie, Cyrus, is a little of both, as Reilly finds himself locked in a battle of wills with his new girlfriend’s manipulative, Machiavellian son.

How would you like a gift certificate to help pay for your next doctor’s visit? If you are an artist and you’re looking for a hand with healthcare, a St. Paul group called Springboard for the Arts wants to help. KFAI’s Michelle Bruch has the story.


Three outreach programs at the University of Minnesota recently teamed up to launch a program to teach North Minneapolis high school students about cooking, nutrition, and running a restaurant business. KFAI’s Amanda Balagur brings us the story.