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Katie and Blaine Garrett, the curators of, stop by the Morning Blend to talk about up-coming visual arts events and openings throughout the Twin Cities.  KFAI's Ryan Dawes spoke with the Garretts about LED-lit Tarot Card art, Hippie Modernism, Minnesota-themed t-shirt art, and more.  Check out for gallery hours and additional events.

Photo: Electric Skin by Haus-Rucker-Co, courtesy of the Walker Art Center

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The Coalition for Palestinian Rights: stood in solidarity against the 60th anniversary of the formation of Israel.

The National Conference on Media Reform took place from June 6-8, 2008, at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Minneapolis-based NEED Magazine describes itself as a hope-filled publication that seeks to highlight the heroic efforts of people trying to make a difference.

St. Paul’s recycling provider, Eureka Recycling, has begun a pilot project to test curbside pick-up of compostable materials. Six hundred homes will participate in the three-month study to see how landfilled waste can be reduced with industrial composting. KFAI’s Asa Diebolt reports on the project.


Love is hard to find – and if you’re looking for someone who can quote Battlestar Galactica, love might be especially hard to find. That’s why an organization called Nerds at Heart has come to Minneapolis. It’s helping trekkies and computer programmers alike find love from across the metro area. KFAI’s Michelle Brook has the story.


New Beginnings: The Story of Liberians in Minnesota
Produced by e.g. Bailey and Sha Cage

This special three-part documentary airs from 7:30-8pm on MinneCulture:
Part 1: Wed, Feb 16
Part 2: Mon, Feb 21
Part 3: Wed, Feb 23

For some time now, Minnesota has been a refuge for immigrant communities displaced from their homes due to a variety of circumstances.

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After the dust has settled from the Minneapolis Fringe Festival, another arts fest comes to town called the New Griots Festival August 14-16.  This festival focuses on emerging black artists and will host community classes, panel discussions, and performances at the Phoenix Theater.

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The Historic Mills District of Minneapolis has gained yet another hot spot for the Twin Cities artistic community.

Minnesota is home to a number of mystery authors, among them William Kent Krueger, John Sandford and Ellen Hart. KFAI’s Britt Aamodt spoke with a relative newcomer to the Minnesota mystery scene, Susan Runholt, whose second young adult mystery novel, Rescuing Seneca Crane, is coming out Thursday.


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