`Dee dee Brigewater/ Bad Spirits Bani/Red Earth/
Kaissa/To Ndje/Women of Africa/Putumayo
ChiwonisoKirima/Rebel woman/Cumbancha
Lura/Mbem di fora/Mben di fora/Times Square record
Mayra Adrade/Navega
Busi Mlhlongo/khuzani/Spotlight/
Lucke Dube/Mickey Mouse Freedom/Heartbeat
Magic System/ki di mie
Bisso Na bisso/electrochoc/espoir 2000/Africa/issap
Toure Kunda/Baounane/Toure Live/Celluroid
Bisso Na bisso/Avec le sourire/Khaled/issap
Oliver Ngoma/icole/Afrique en or/Vol3/Lusafrica/
Prince Nico mbarga/Free Education/Aki Special/Rounder
Eyruphurro/ohawha/Yellela/World music network
Couba Gawlo seck/Je suis venue te dire/jololi

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In the first half, National Book Award winner Pete Hautman joins us to talk about his newest novel for young people, How to Steal a Car.

In the second half, James Levine discusses his book, The Blue Notebook, a novel inspired by the plight of child sex workers in Mumbai. Khaled Hosseini, author of The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns said, “_The Blue Notebook_ is a deeply moving story and a searing reminder of the resilience of the human spirit. It is a tribute to how writing can give meaning and help one transcend even the most harrowing circumstances. The voice of Batuk, the unforgettable child prostitute heroine, will stay with the reader a long, long time.”

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-Hull, Dakota Dave / New Shirt / New Shirt / Arabica
-Jordan, Charley / Keep It Clean / Down in the Basement / Old Hat
-Washboard Sam / Soap and Water Blues / That’s All Right / RCA
-Four Hawaiian Guitars / Singin’ in the Bathtub / King Benny Nawahi / Yazoo
-Ashley’s Melody Men / Bath House Blues / Times Ain’t Like They Used to Be / Yazoo
Butterbeans Susie / I Got Your Bath Water On
-Nix, Willie / Midnight Showers of Rain / Memphis Blues / JSP

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Today marks the anniversary of the birth of the great Hank Williams in 1923. To celebrate his impact, DJ Fathertime joins us in the studio for three hours of country music as presented by some perennial Rockhouse favorites.

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The second entry in the RSST’s Hour 1 Classic Ska Label series really shoulda been the first, but y’know how it goes sometimes… the 1st shall be 2nd, and the 2nd shall be 1st, or something like that… Anyhoo, this week it’s a salute to C.S. Coxsone Dodd’s Studio 1. Cedric Im Brooks, circa ’73, also turns up in hour 1 covering Don Drummond. Sherwood B. Funn’s likin’ the longies again this week, especially Lee Morgan’s 10mn.+ The Sidewinder, and the 4:00 4(+1)-in-a-row salutes King Django this week. Also enjoy Lollipop Of The Week #27 by label-free UK skiffle-tronic outfit Uncle’s Leg.

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Hosts Dick and Dean present selections from some of their favorite artists along with some just plain interesting instrumental combinations.

NOTE: Lutefisk season is soon upon us. Get your reservations now!

for Saturday, October 10th at the Lutheran Church of Good Shepherd, 4801 France Ave So, Edina 612-861-4793

Leiv Erikson Festival @ Mindekirken

Of special interest to KFAI listeners, the Danish group KRAUKA will give a concert Tuesday, October 6th at the church at noon.

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