9/5/2007 Dart Gun Radio
9/4/2007 Rhythm and Grooves

Music from Twin Cities artists, as well as new recordings from Roberto Fonseca, Steve Lacy and Roswell Rudd, and Slide Huxtable, and more.

9/4/2007 Disabled and Proud
9/4/2007 Rollin' and Tumblin'
9/4/2007 Corazon Latino

Coracao do Brasil em Corazon Latino! Heart of Brazil in Corazon Latino!

9/4/2007 Dig Up The Roots

Pop Wagner hosted the show toady.

9/4/2007 Pam Without Boundaries

New releases from Manu Chao (La Radiolina) and Anoushka Shankar with Karsh Kale (Breathing Under Water) popped up this morning, so we heard them! Check out the playlist to find out what else we heard.

9/3/2007 Jet Set Planet

The skinny on those lady astronauts!

9/3/2007 CHAT Radio: Hmong Arts Culture
9/3/2007 Listening Lounge