10/1/2007 Jet Set Planet

Glen Leslie and crew ask for a helping hand.

10/1/2007 CHAT Radio: Hmong Arts Culture
10/1/2007 Listening Lounge
10/1/2007 Bop Street
10/1/2007 The Shake and Bake Show
10/1/2007 Health Notes

Teen Whisperer*
*Mike Lindeman

Most of the teens Linderman treats are angry, abused, violent, … helping them turn their lives around and earning him the nickname the Teen Whisperer

Healthy Living Spaces: Top 10 Hazards Affecting Your Health Daniel Stih

Dan Stih, a certified mold inspector, indoor environmental consultant, and aerospace engineer, introduces listeners to methods for creating a healthier living space, be it at home, office, or school.

10/1/2007 Freewheelin'
10/1/2007 Good Noise
10/1/2007 Sonic Pleasure

Fall Pledge Drive Show. Call 612-375-9030 to pledge your support and also pledge on line at Support community radio!

10/1/2007 Kinda Cloudy Radio

boogaloo- soul jazz- reggae- latin- afro