7/15/2007 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground

Mark Time Award and Ogle Award silver award winners. Awards for the best science fiction and fantasy audio.

7/15/2007 Bonjour Minnesota
7/15/2007 Filipino American National News
7/15/2007 Wave Project

The Lost ’80s, Part 2
Tony Johnson, Jeff Lonto and Stuart Held continue their look at out-of-print and forgotten music from 1980 to 1989.

7/15/2007 Womenfolk

Songs of hills, highways and the outdoors!

7/15/2007 Century Song

We began today’s show with music from the Taiga, Russia with the Wolga Balalaika Ensemble (Arc), we then heard music from the great Armenian Ud master, Richard Hagopian (Arc), then music from the Kaiapo Indians of Brazil (Gallo), Trance music from Moroccan Gnawan musician Hassan Hakmoun (Triloka), music from A Hawk and a Hacksaw with the Hun Hangar Ensemble (Leaf), A song from the Finnish epic the Kalevala (Ondine), music from the Turkish Bektasi Sufis (Mariposa), Dance music from Loristan, Iran (Mahoor), music from Algerian Kabyle Berber, El Hasnoui (AAA), and Gypsy music from the Kocani Orchestra (Arc).

In the second hour we heard and interview with South Indian veena queen, Nirmala Rajaseka. The music was recorded in her basement with Srini on Mridangam, and Balaji on Ghatam, included were a couple tracks from her new recording Song of the Veena (Innova).

7/15/2007 Songs Of Praise
7/14/2007 Strictly Butter
7/14/2007 RSE Radio
7/14/2007 Sangam