12/1/2007 Mostly Jazz

Billy Strahorn Roswell Rudd

12/1/2007 A Great Blend Of Watercolors

**NEW Release

11/30/2007 Crap From The Past

Japanese Money? Take that, Delilah!

11/30/2007 Radio Rumpus Room

This was our Sukiyaki Stomp show; a follow-up of sorts to last year’s Radio Rumpus Room Is Turning Japanese special.

11/30/2007 MN Soundtrack

Hosted by Jackie and Nathan

11/30/2007 Sugar Shop
11/30/2007 Radio Antilles

Radio Antilles PLAYLIST 11/30/07
This edition saw the airing of a cool cd by The Dynamics called Version Excursions on Groove Attack (
Cuts # 1 and 2 – The Dynamic Sound-Girls and Boys were featured. This is a good cd.

11/30/2007 Catalyst: Politics and Culture
11/30/2007 Louisiana Rhythms