1/13/2008 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground

A Record from 100 Years in the Future, found in an elevator.
Seeds of Time, from Alien Worlds.

1/13/2008 Bonjour Minnesota
1/13/2008 Filipino American National News
1/13/2008 Wave Project

Story Telling: Sitting Around the Campfire
Geoff Saign and Steve McEllistrem present storytelling as an art form: two scary tales for young and old. Richard Wieser of the Warren Cody Band will add his stories, as told through music.

1/13/2008 Encuentro

Homenaje a Andrés Henestrosa y canciones basadas en pregones callejeros.

1/13/2008 Womenfolk

New tunes, upcoming releases and remembering KFAI DJ and Red House Records founder Bob Feldman.

1/13/2008 Century Song

Today we heard from the Inuit of Eskimo Point,Canada (UMMUS), folk music from Nepal (World Music Library), Music of Greek Antiquity (FM Records), music from the Hungarian villages by the Turkos Ensemble (Folk Europa), music from the Bardic Divas, volume four of music of Central Asia (Smithsonian), Music from local Group Orange Mighty Trio (own label), music from Altan Guitarist, Daithi Sproule (New Fork Records) and music from Voices of the World (Chante du Monde).

During the second hour we had in studio guest, Victor Mandan.

1/13/2008 Songs Of Praise
1/12/2008 Strictly Butter
1/12/2008 RSE Radio