12/20/2007 Collective Eye

New Release from Guitar Madness, five guitarists from Chicago.

12/20/2007 Fresh Fruit

Hosts: Dixie Treichel John Townsend

Guests: Sally Ann Wright, Fred Wagner, Anna Lee, Damon Intrabartolo

12/20/2007 Art Matters
12/20/2007 Blueslady's Time Machine
12/20/2007 African Rhythms
12/20/2007 Write On Radio!

We talk with Debra Stone about the Northside Writers Group. Debra Stone is the author of the chapbook The Truth of Myth, and she is also the co-facilitator of the Northside Writers Group, which meets every second Wednesday of the month at the Homewood Studios Gallery, 2400 Plymouth Ave. N., in Minneapolis.

In the second half of the show we talk with British novelist Iain Banks, who calls in from Scotland to talk about his newest book, The Steep Approach to Garbadale. He is the author of The Wasp Factory, The Crow Road, and many other books. His website is

12/20/2007 The Dakota Dave Hull Show

Hull, Dakota Dave : New Shirt
Armstrong, Louis : Zat You, Santa Claus?
Donegan, Lonnie : Virgin Mary

12/20/2007 The Rockhouse
12/20/2007 Rocket Ship Ska Trip
12/20/2007 In Your Ear