1/27/2008 Filipino American National News
1/27/2008 Wave Project

Fado with Gaucho Joe
A unique Portuguese and Brazilian style of singing, Fado music passionately tells stories of love, heartbreak and longing. Host Gaucho Joe Schermann presents an hour of great Fado and the background behind the genre.

1/27/2008 Encuentro

Valses mexicanos. Homenaje al apóstol cubano José Martí por el aniversario número 155 de su nacimiento.

1/27/2008 Womenfolk

Celebrating the brief thaw with hot new releases, special dedications and requests!

1/27/2008 Century Song

Today we listened to music from Provence by Patrick Vaillant, Renat Sette, and Bijan Chemirani (l’empreinte digitale), then Japan’s Yoshida Brothers on shamisen (dana), instrumnental music from Cambodia (Celestial Harmonies), music from India’s great Ravi Shankar (Columbia), followed the great dutar master from Northeast Iran-Khorassan, Hadj Ghorban Soleimani (Silkroad Images), Music from Martin Simpson, David Hildago, Viji Krishnan and Puvalur Srinivasan (Water Lily), India’s great Shenai master, Bishmillah Khan (Classic music-India).

In the second hour we had Polish bagpiper Blanche Krbecek. We also heard music from Tim O’Brien(Sugar Hill), gypsy music from Macedonia’s Kochani Orkestar (Ryko), and a number of tracks from the new release by Mozaik (Andy Irvine, Donal Lunny, Bruce Molsky, Nikola Parav, and Rens van dar Zalm) (Compass).

1/27/2008 Songs Of Praise
1/26/2008 Strictly Butter
1/26/2008 RSE Radio
1/26/2008 Sangam
1/26/2008 Caribbean Jam

TITLES WITH ** INDICATES NEW RELEASES— Thanks to Miss Jamaica 2007 Wayne Wonder for Calling in.One Love