2/24/2008 Filipino American National News
2/24/2008 Wave Project

The Peace Corps and Peace Corps Week
To kick off Peace Corps Week, February 25 through March 2, Colleen O’Dell and fellow staffers present stories and music to highlight the organization and its work.

2/24/2008 Encuentro

Canción cardenche y música inspirada por ella. Contraste de dos tradiciones violinísticas: la de tierra caliente, en México, (ejemplificada por don Juan Reynoso y don Ángel Tavira), y la del norte argentino (ejemplificada por don Sixto Palavecino). Cantos de la tradición Náhuatl de los estados de Morelos y Guerrero en homenaje a Cuauhtémoc, el último emperador azteca, en el 483avo. aniversario de su asesinato por las tropas invasoras españolas (26 de febrero de 1525).

2/24/2008 Womenfolk

Hosted by Beth Shaw!

2/24/2008 Century Song

Today we began with Music from Crete (Greek label), followed by music of the Gond of India (Gallo), and then music from Afghanistan (World Network), and music for the Mbira (African Thumb Piano) from Zimbabwe by Dumisani Maraire and Ephat Mujuru (Music of the World), and then music from the great Guitarist from Mali, Boubacar Traore (Sterns Africa), and then a track from the new release of Martin Hayes (Green Linnet), followed by a Basque tune from the Secret Museum of Mankind V. 1 (Yazoo), a track from the new release by the Brass Kings, new tracks from the super group Mozaik (Andy Irvine, Donal Lunny, Bruce Molsky, Nicola Parov, and Rens van der Zelm) (Compass), and a track from the latest by the Taraf de Haidouks of Romania Maskarada (Crammed Discs).

During the second hour we listened to an interview with Irish accordionist, Paddy O’Brien and guitarist Daithi Sproule…The music we was Paddy and Daithi and Paddy and Brian Miller (Hosmer concert).

2/24/2008 Songs Of Praise
2/23/2008 Strictly Butter
2/23/2008 RSE Radio
2/23/2008 Sangam
2/23/2008 Caribbean Jam