10/19/2007 Crap From The Past

Klaus Wunderlich strong! Cameo weak!

10/19/2007 Radio Rumpus Room

How can you be in two places at once when you’re not anywhere at all?

— The Firesign Theater

10/19/2007 MN Soundtrack

Hosted by Jackie and Danny

10/19/2007 Sugar Shop
10/19/2007 Radio Antilles

RA 10-19-7 Edition. Thanks for checking out the playlist. This show carried a tribute to Lucky Dube who died on October 18, 2007.

10/19/2007 Catalyst: Politics and Culture
10/19/2007 Louisiana Rhythms
10/19/2007 Fubar Omniverse
10/19/2007 Across The Board

Collectors Corner with local band Invisible Ray Brown

10/19/2007 Voice Cried Softly