2/17/2008 Wave Project

Bangla View
Host Rajib Bahar and his guests will debate and discuss the current government structure in Bangladesh, the progress of democracy in that nation, and the Bengali view on American politics.

2/17/2008 Encuentro

Un pequeño homenaje a: Beny Moré, a 45 años de su muerte; el General de Hombres Libres, Augusto César Sandino, de Nicaragua, a 74 años de su sacrificio; el escritor argentino Julio Cortázar, a 24 años de su muerte.

2/17/2008 Womenfolk

Debuted new releases by Rhonda Vincent, Tift Merritt and Catherine Russell!

2/17/2008 Century Song

Today we listened to Nuba Raml al Maya performed by Ensemble Masano Tazi of Morocco (le Chante du Monde). This is music of the Arab-Andalousian tradition that was part of the Moorish empire of Spain and North Africa.
In the second hour we heard music from the Madmen of Bengal (le Chante du Monde)…the are the street mystics. We also heard music from Son De la Frontera from the flamenco tradition of Spain (World Village), music of the Luba-Shankadi of Zaire, the Okros ensemble of Hungary (Rounder), Ougenweide, a folk-rock group singing in Medieval German (Bear), music from the latest release of Paddy O’Brien’s Chulrua (Shanachie), Music from French Canada by Andre Brunet (Green Linnet) and Jean Carignan (Tout Grin).

2/17/2008 Songs Of Praise
2/16/2008 Strictly Butter
2/16/2008 RSE Radio
2/16/2008 Sangam
2/16/2008 Caribbean Jam

TITLES WITH ** INDICATES NEW RELEASES— Big Ups and thanks to Nardo Ranks and Phedex for coming and hang out with me today.Much Love.

2/16/2008 Good 'N Country