10/24/2007 Scandinavian Cultural Hour

Beautiful voices from Swedish women: Gunnel Mauritzon, Johanna Bolje, Sophia Sandin and Ulrika Boden. With Home-baked treats from Kaisa Andersson and great backing from Bjorn Stabi, Bengan Janson and Gunnfjauns Kapell.

10/24/2007 House Party
10/24/2007 Global Beat

Opens with music of Iran Turkey, highlights of upcoming concerts personal memorial tributes to Lucky Dube Vernon Bellecourt.

10/24/2007 Stone Soup
10/24/2007 Rockin' In Rhythm
10/24/2007 Echo Chamber

DJ Baby Swiss goes solo inna Echo Chamber (as Dr. StrangeDub was home nursing a nasty cold). The first half-hour of the show was filled with the rootical sounds of Lucky Dube, in tribute to the man some have called the Bob Marley of Africa who was senselessly murdered just a few days ago in South Africa. From this Swiss moved on to a great selection of new and old dubs…

10/24/2007 Dart Gun Radio
10/23/2007 Rhythm and Grooves

Must be the season for new releases – I’ve got a slew of them, as well as tunes by Dizzy, Gerry Mulligan, and re-releases by Coltrane, and Johnny Hartman.

10/23/2007 Disabled and Proud