12/3/2007 Kinda Cloudy Radio

sister soul- fat possum blues- hip hop- afrobeats

12/2/2007 Tehuti: From the Griot to the MC
12/2/2007 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground

Time and Time Again, by H. Beam Piper, from Dimension X in 1951.
Time Clash, from Alien Worlds in 1980.

12/2/2007 Bonjour Minnesota
12/2/2007 Filipino American National News
12/2/2007 Wave Project

It Could Be Worse or Love at Frost Bite
Mary Pendergast presents discussion and music by members of Anodyne Arts Center, St. Paul, a center for visual and performing artists who involve individuals with disabilities.

12/2/2007 Encuentro

La lista con la información de todas las piezas musicales incluidas en este programa se encuentra al final de este texto.

12/2/2007 Womenfolk

Live in the Studio: Alison Rae

12/2/2007 Century Song

Today we took a voyage to the Kurdish region of Iran where the play the sacred long-neck lute called the tanbur. We first heard from three different old masters, Ostad Amir Hayati (Mahoor), Ostad Amrollah Shahebrahimi (Mahoor), and Ostad Elahi (Chante du Monde), we then heard from Sa’id Naser Yadgari (live recording-Iran), Then we heard from students of Ostad Amrollah Shahevrahimi…Shahram Nazeri with his brother Keykhosro Pournazeri (Kereshmeh), Khalil Alinezad (Iranian recording), and Ali Akbar Moradi (World Village), we finished the first hour with music from John Williams and Dean Magraw, a Christmas tune from Laura MacKenzie, and music from St. Georges Canzonz (ASV).

During the second hour we had in studio guests, Dreamland Faces, playing original music as well as tunes from 20’s and 30’s.

12/2/2007 Songs Of Praise