12/16/2007 Bonjour Minnesota
12/16/2007 Filipino American National News
12/16/2007 Wave Project

Wassail, Wassail: a Drink, a Toast, a Song, a Living Tradition
Karen Ellery offers music and readings on the history and traditions of Wassail for your holiday enjoyment.

12/16/2007 Encuentro

La lista con la información de todas las piezas musicales incluidas en este programa se encuentra al final de este texto.

12/16/2007 Womenfolk

Live interview with Suzzy Roche and a live performance by Julie Lee!

12/16/2007 Century Song

Today we began with music of the Bororo Indians of Brazil (Unesco), followed by a Sufi song from Bosnia (Gallo), then a song from Mongolia (Buda), followed by an instrument piece of music from Northeast Thailand (World Music Library), then music from Welsh guitarist, Dylan Fowler and Finish Kantele player Timo Vaananen (Taith Records), a Turkish Sufi song from Talip Ozkan (Music of the World), music from the Czech Republic by Chorea Bohemica (Supraphon), then a new release from the Armenian Ensemble, The Soghaken Ensemble (Traditional Crossroads), and Irish piping tune from the great Willie Clancy, Papua New Guinea Stringband music with Bob Brozman (Riverboat), music fromthe Czech puppet films of Vaclav Trojan (Supraphon), music from Irish accordionist, Johnny O’Leary(Gael Linn), a medieval troubador song by Raimnbaut D’Aurenga by the Studio der Fruhen Musik, Vox Humana recording(EMI), German folk rock group Ougenweide (Bear), music from Local musician, Tim Erickson (Appleseed), music from a new release on Smithsonian from their Music of Central Asia Series (Vol 5) with music from Badakhshan, a Pakistan Qawalli song from the great Abida Parveen (Shalimar), Music from local Kip Peltoniemi (Texicali Records), Irish sean nos singer Nioclas Toibin (Topic), Mandolin master of Brazil Jacob do Bandolin (Acoustic Disc), and again music from the Studio der Fruhen Music from their Planctus recording (EMI).

12/16/2007 Songs Of Praise
12/15/2007 Strictly Butter
12/15/2007 RSE Radio
12/15/2007 Sangam