5/1/2008 Rocket Ship Ska Trip
5/1/2008 In Your Ear
4/30/2008 Scandinavian Cultural Hour

Key fiddle…the Swedish nyckelharpa….all night long. Lots of players, lots of tunes on this unique resonant instrument. For some information:

4/30/2008 House Party
4/30/2008 Global Beat

Starting with an alternating tribute to two musicians we lost last year; Floyd Red Crow Westerman Ali Farka Toure’. Also some reflections and connections from the current MSP Int’l. Film Festival highlights. Still time to look ahead as well with a couple Chicago Afrobeat Project tunes – since they return to town May 9 at the Cedar Cultural Center.

4/30/2008 Stone Soup
4/30/2008 Rockin' In Rhythm

Much of this morning’s music was from the pen of the late Clyde Otis. All that and the play list as well.

4/30/2008 Echo Chamber

Some great new arrivals tonight from Eva Be, The Crucialites, Fågel Roc, Autorickshaw, Daddy Rings, and Dub Spencer Trance Hill. Then there was the fresher-than-fresh tracks from the upcoming Lee Perry album as originally broadcast on Jak Maken Zasial’s More Than Reggae radio program on Radio Poland. Added to this was a nice set from Half Pint to celebrate his May 4 show in Minneapolis. And that’s just a start…

4/30/2008 Dart Gun Radio