6/11/2008 Echo Chamber
6/11/2008 Dart Gun Radio

Thanks Topkat for Filling in!

6/10/2008 Rhythm and Grooves

Guitarist Cory Wong stopped by to talk about his quartet’s new album, Even, Uneven. He and bassist Patricio Toledo played 3 duets in the studio.

6/10/2008 Disabled and Proud

Lance Hegland, corbett, and Nick – Disabilities and Relationships

6/10/2008 Rollin' and Tumblin'

I had a good time on this show. No interviews so I could just play the music and get into the groove.

6/10/2008 Corazon Latino

A la Hermandad Colombiana-Venezolana/ Dedicated to the brother/sisterhood between Colombia and Venezuela

6/10/2008 Dig Up The Roots

Cowboys, goat ropers and rank strangers populate this mild western

6/10/2008 Pam Without Boundaries

Paul Christian: joined us at 7:30am for some live music and song-sharing. He’ll be at Floyd’s on Tuesday, June 17th, and he’ll come back to visit us later this year to celebrate his second record, which is almost ready for our ears. The on-line archives were down for this show, so you’ll have to check out the playlist for what you missed, and come back next week for more PWB.

6/9/2008 Jet Set Planet

Mr. French from KFAI’s Groove Garden – Luke Andrews – takes the reigns (while glen is on vacation).

6/9/2008 CHAT Radio: Hmong Arts Culture