2/7/2008 In Your Ear

Music from the southern part of the country!

2/6/2008 International Jazz Conspiracy

Celebrating Black History Month 2008:
The Music of Charles Gayle

2/6/2008 Scandinavian Cultural Hour

As usual in February we feature music with a focus on Rørosmartna, the 155 year old pre-Lenten winter market in Røros. Music and songs about the area, the season and the event from area musicians and habitual visitors to the event. Link to web-information:

2/6/2008 House Party
2/6/2008 Global Beat

Ash Wednesday musical follow-up morphs into an extended reggae tribute to Bob Marley, on the anniversary of his birth.

2/6/2008 Stone Soup
2/6/2008 Rockin' In Rhythm

The play list for 02-06-08 plus some things that don’t show up on the play list. Take advantage of the archives.

2/6/2008 Echo Chamber

The Echo Chamber’s annual Tuff Gong Tubby Tribute honoring Robert Nesta Marley (born 2/6/1945) and Osbourne Ruddock (died 2/6/1989). One man a legend the world round. The other, a legend in the reggae world, and a permanent influence upon recording studio techniques and technology.

2/6/2008 Dart Gun Radio
2/5/2008 Rhythm and Grooves

We’re Live from the Artists’ Quarter, featuring the Tuesday Night Band. It’s an extended show, so go to This Way Out and Womenspeak to hear the first 2 sements. Incidental recorded music during the band break from the album Illinois Jacquet on Columbia (1962).