6/28/2008 A Great Blend Of Watercolors

GRAND DIVA! and Melinda J delivered a lot of GREAT ole’ school tunes today! Listen at on the archives.


6/27/2008 Crap From The Past

This week’s show was supposed to be a gab-fest with some dear out-of-town radio friends that were here in Minneapolis for the Conclave. What actually happened wasn’t even remotely close, though, due to a power failure that kept an entire city block dark right through my time slot. Somehow, a power pole got knocked down right outside the KFAI building, a few hours before I was supposed to go on. The KFAI backup power supply lasted a few hours, but finally died around 8:05pm. Ron and Jean, of KFAI’s Radio Rumpus Room, sat with flashlights throughout their time slot, and I sat with a camping lantern through my own slot. Fortunately for me, Chuck (of Cosmic Slop’s Chuck and Joel) was there with me, and we had a chance to catch up, albeit off the air. The power came back on around 11:45pm, just fifteen minutes before my slot was supposed to end. Our chief engineer got most of the equipment up and running by the time I went home around 1:15am, well into Mick Novak’s slot.

I’ll be back with a proper show next week, providing that the power company allows us to oscillate some electrons at 60 Hz…

6/27/2008 Radio Rumpus Room

Some moron knocked over an electric pole earlier in the evening and there was a four-hour power outage on the West Bank, knocking KFAI off the air. We came in anyway and sat around in the dark for two hours, just in case it came back. (It didn’t — at least not before midnight.) See you next week! — Ron and Jean

6/27/2008 Sugar Shop
6/27/2008 Radio Antilles

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6/27/2008 Catalyst: Politics and Culture
6/27/2008 Louisiana Rhythms
6/27/2008 Fubar Omniverse