2/18/2008 Jet Set Planet

Get clean with the antiseptic sounds of Jet Set Planet!

2/18/2008 CHAT Radio: Hmong Arts Culture

Featuring: A Day Forward w/ Tousue Vang, Shawn Mouacheupao, Andy David and Jaron Matheson

2/18/2008 Listening Lounge

Thelonious Monk, Tar Heel
Silver Leaf Gospel Singers
Locally-produced story called Salvation Army Bell Ringer, by Todd Melby

2/18/2008 Bop Street

Birthdays in Blue for the Poet Laureate of Motown SMOKEY ROBINSON, along with a trio of Louisiana greats: The Queen of New Orleans IRMA THOMA, Crescent City stalwart ERNIE K DOE, and the reclusive songwriter BOBBY CHARLES; chanteuse NANCY WILSON; and the TEENAGERS basso profundo HERMAN SANTIAGO. This being the Second Monday of Lent, also featured is more Good-News-in-Song: Gospel Sounds from the Dixie Hummingbirds(vintage vinyl) and Rev Claude Jeter.

2/18/2008 The Shake and Bake Show
2/18/2008 Health Notes

Health Notes will explore the caregiving consequences of not taking care of yourself when you are taking care of your loved ones.

In Jari Holland Buck’s newest book Hospital Stay Handbook: A Guide to Becoming a Patient Advocate for Your Loved Ones we will discuss strategies for helping ourselves while we help the ones we love.

2/18/2008 Freewheelin'
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2/18/2008 Good Noise

President’s Day Theme
In honor of President’s Day, I played music by singers with
‘presidential names’.

2/18/2008 Sonic Pleasure
2/18/2008 Kinda Cloudy Radio

new breed funk- afro soul- straight ahead funkiness- quick reggae vibe to end it off…