9/8/2008 Kinda Cloudy Radio

Steely BC Bob brew up a particularly potent episode of raw soul music…

9/7/2008 Tehuti: From the Griot to the MC
9/7/2008 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground

Episode 2 of The Last Harbinger, from Crazy Dog Audio Theatre in Ireland. The Harbinger is coming to warn the people of Moloch that they are destroying themselves.
Time Stowaway, from Act One Audio, a sci-fi tale.

9/7/2008 Bonjour Minnesota
9/7/2008 Filipino American National News
9/7/2008 Wave Project

Conversations on Death and Dying: Baby Loss
Hosts Jeanne Bain and Jane Kirby offer stories and accounts of lost pregnancies and lost babies filled with hope and healing.

9/7/2008 Encuentro

“¡Viva Lara!”: una cuantas canciones de Agustín Lara. Algunas canciones de “Shake Away”, el último CD de Lila Downs (publicado el 2 de septiembre). Maestros del charango: Mauro Núñez (Bolivia), Ernesto Cavour (Bolivia), Jaime Torres (Argentina), Jaime Guardia (Perú). Música brasileña en celebración del aniversario de la declaración de independencia de Brasil (7 de septiembre de 1822).

(The Play List is included within)

9/7/2008 Womenfolk

Hosted by Beth Shaw!

9/7/2008 Century Song
9/7/2008 Songs Of Praise

This is Sunday morning gospel at it very best!