5/18/2008 Encuentro

Homenajes a: la cantante mexicana Lucha Reyes (por el 102avo aniversario de su nacimiento); el músico argentino Anibal Troilo (por el 33avo aniversario de su fallecimiento; el apóstol cubano, José Martí, por el 113avo aniversario de su caída en combate por la independencia de su país; el general de hombres libres, el nicaragüense Augusto César Sandino, en el 113avo aniversario de su nacimiento; el gran polígrafo mexicano, regiomontano universal, don Alfonso Reyes, en el 119avo aniversario de su nacimiento.

5/18/2008 Womenfolk

Songs of spring and lots of new music!

5/18/2008 Century Song

During the first hour we went back to September 30, 2007. It was the Sunday afternoon concert for the Nordic Roots Festival 2007. We heard the Finnish old time band, the Lannen-Jukka String Band. The concert was engineered and mixed by Chris Dronen and edit and mastered by Dan Rein. Many thanks the Cedar Cultural Center and Northside Records.

During the second hour we had in studio guests Jacky Molard and Helene Labarriere of the Jacky Molard Quartet from Brittany. We heard music from the release on innacor records. We also heard music from Eric Satie performed by Teodoro Anzelloti (Winter and Winter), and Ethiopian star, Mahmoud Ahmed (Hannibal)

5/18/2008 Songs Of Praise
5/17/2008 Strictly Butter
5/17/2008 RSE Radio
5/17/2008 Sangam
5/17/2008 Caribbean Jam


5/17/2008 Good 'N Country

A 2-hour tribute to the late Eddy Arnold

5/17/2008 Sabados Alegres