8/29/2008 Radio Rumpus Room

So hop in baby let’s cruise out of here
Yeah this ain’t the place to be
And if you get tired along the way
Baby we can roll down the back seat
From Wausau to Wichita, Oconowauc Beach
Yeah, we’ve got places to see
So c’mon baby, let’s go for a ride with my red Checker wagon and me

— The Overtones, Red Checker Wagon

8/29/2008 MN Soundtrack

Jackie and Jonathan

8/29/2008 Sugar Shop
8/29/2008 Radio Antilles

Radio Antilles Playlist 08/29/08. There’s a new cd out from Strut records called Calypsoul. You can hear the cut Calypsoul by Clarence Curvan His Mod Sounds about 20 min into hour 2. This is classic style mixing sounds from the 1970s. New music as well from *Chiwoniso / Vanorapa / Rebel Woman / Cumbancha about 40 something min. into hour 2 and The Disappointments get spun about 43 min into hour 1 with a live recording from a June, 2008 gig.

8/29/2008 Catalyst: Politics and Culture
8/29/2008 Louisiana Rhythms
8/29/2008 Fubar Omniverse
8/29/2008 Across The Board

Sorry folks, nothing witty this week, but it’s a great show!

8/29/2008 Voice Cried Softly
8/28/2008 Collective Eye

Collective Eye host Janis Lane-Ewart is joined by jazz journalist Pamela Espeland to complete the month long celebration of Abbey Lincoln’s music and majesty.