10/9/2008 Write On Radio!

Phil Martin phones in to talk about the new edition of The New Writers Handbook, Volume 2, which he recently edited.

Mexican novelist Ana Clavel is in the studio to talk about her newest book, Shipwrecked Body. Ana Clavel is also the author of Desire and Its Shadow. She was also a featured reader at the Rain Taxi Twin Cities Book Festival at Minneapolis Community and Technical College.

10/9/2008 The Dakota Dave Hull Show
10/9/2008 The Rockhouse

As the political campaigns go negative, the Rockhouse responds with the artful insults of Bo Diddley playing the dozens! Also an incendiary live set from Otis Redding in London, 1967, some new music from the Diplomats of Solid Sound (accompanied by the Diplomettes!!) and birthday sets for Thelonious Monk, Shirley Caesar and O.V. Wright!!

10/9/2008 Rocket Ship Ska Trip
10/9/2008 In Your Ear

I’m back!!! Thank you Liz and Doug the Thug for filling in for me while I was ill. It feels great to be back.

10/8/2008 Scandinavian Cultural Hour

Free reed instruments…..harmonica, diatonic and chromatic accordions……and bagpipes. And some operatic folk pop echoes from ABBA.

10/8/2008 House Party
10/8/2008 Global Beat

The first hour featured all new releases from some of my favorite artists… then opened up with a jazzier feel as our signal was tested for improvements forthcoming. Don’t forget to pledge starting this Sat. and Oct. 15 22 on Global Beat for our 30th Anniversary Fall Pledge Drive… also my own 30th anniversary of dj’ing on Fresh Air Radio.

10/8/2008 Stone Soup