This program presents some pieces missing from the “Ofrenda musical” for “Día de los Muertos”; Sones jarochos from Veracruz, Mexico; Andean music; Lucho Gatica, from Chile; and music from Colombia. The literature segment presents poetry by the recently deceased Tomás Segovia.

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Occupy Wall Street: deeper analysis by DUSTY HINZ, 2011 Catalyst co-producer

(11/10 in a nutshell)

In addition to the second Ringroll in as many weeks (Mayonaka by a live-onstage Jihen), three more live cuts made up this week’s 4@4. Gaz Mayall’s Trojans GotchaSKAvered with Keep On Running Week 2, and the set following that was brought to you by the letter ‘P’… Sherwood relaxed in the Voov with a couple of lo-o-o-ongies by Steve Turre and Stefon Harris’ fabulous Ninety Miles outfit. In the Ooh, here comes Ringo… but not Shiina! The Skatalites, inspired by Western gunslinger mythology, transformed a traditional Japanese folk song about apples into the kind of galloping ska romp that made ‘em famous. Justin Yap of Top Deck, an Arthur Lyman fan, had the ‘Lites arrange four tunes from the Taboo album, and Ringo Oiwake was one of ‘em.
Ringo rides!

Cantaoras woo you by applying their unique talents and generous voices to love songs dedicated to lovers, mothers, and their hometowns.

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