We speak with our own Matthew Rucker about upcoming Slam Poetry events. Matthew Rucker is the coach of the National Champion St. Paul Slam Poetry team and is also an artist and poet in his own right. Appearing with him in the studio is Khary Jackson, a champion slam poet who resides in the Twin Cities.

Also this week we speak with Larry Watson about his new novel, American Boy, a coming-of-age story set in southwestern Minnesota. He is the author, among other works, of Montana 1948, Orchard, and Sundown, Yellow Moon. Larry Watson has also received grants and fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts.

I subbed for Ellen Stanley today, so I got to do a FOUR HOUR show which combined Women Folk with Rollin’ & Tumblin’. I promptly filled the extra time with party music for the coming New Year’s Eve 2012 Weekend. See Play List Below.

Lady J sits in, doing an extended edition of Rollin’ and Tumblin’:rollinandtumblin!

Música desde un punto de vista mas joven: Gabriel Johnson Ortíz se junta con Carla para probar un rico sancocho de canciones tradicionales y nuevas. Desde México a España a Cuba a Venezuela a Brasil ¡con muchos saludos a Eva, Tito, Silvio, Isa, Roberto y todita la familia!/ Music from a younger point of view: Gabriel Johnson Ortíz joins Carla to sample a tasty stew of traditional and new songs. From Mexico to Spain to Cuba to Venezuela to Brazil, with a big shout-out to Eve, Tito, Silvio, Isa, Roberto and all the family!

Vandy (of Chooglin’, the Huckleberrys) and our friend Angela Behrends (Tatters, Palmer’s Bar) joined Spin with Cyn premiering 3 brand new Chooglin’ songs from their forthcoming record.

Liberty Finch is on an east coast holiday assignment, so DJ Izzy fills in with a random selection of vinyl. This week it’s highlights from 2011 acquisitions to the Lincoln Terrace music library.

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The Early Music of Terry Riley

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Ghazals in Urdu and English, Sanam Marvi, Trilok Gurtu, Nadia Ali, and more.

Mother Clare Watts, Certified Midwife, Ordained Minister, Priest and author of the Book, Giving Birth to God

Kinshasha shared a powerful hour of conversation with Mother Clare Watts. The conversation covered the history of religion, fear, death, reincarnation and living our best life.

Mother Clare Watts is an ordained Priest and Master Teacher in the Order of Christ-Sophia. She began her early training in the late 1970’s and was ordained a Minister-Deacon in 1984. She served as such in Kentucky and in Massachusetts, where she was ordained a Priest in 1996 and a Master Teacher in 2001, by Father Peter Bowes. Mother Clare wears purple robes, signifying her standing as a Master Teacher, which is equivalent to a Guru in the Eastern traditions.

Mother Clare founded the Boston Center of Light, formerly called the Christ-Sophia Center, where she continued to serve until 2001. At that time she moved to Seattle to begin a new Center of Light. Mother Clare has now moved to Dolores Colorado, where she is busy building another Center of Light with Reverend Ruth, as well as working to develop the new Mary Sophia Temple for World Peace, as well as helping develop the Sophia Retreat and Conference Center.

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BOXING DAY in the Land of the Round Haircut