7/31/2008 The Dakota Dave Hull Show

Hull, Dakota Dave : New Shirt
Holiday, Billie : Summertime
Kress, Carl McDonough, Dick : Heat Wave

7/31/2008 The Rockhouse
7/31/2008 Rocket Ship Ska Trip
7/31/2008 In Your Ear
7/30/2008 Scandinavian Cultural Hour
7/30/2008 House Party
7/30/2008 Global Beat

A first hour of Africa – anticipating the Pan African Music Festival in town, August 6-11 ! And then an hommage to Willie Colon Hector Lavoe.

7/30/2008 Stone Soup
7/30/2008 Rockin' In Rhythm

The play list for this week. The last hour a tribute to the late Earl Nelson of the Hollywood Flames.