12/20/2008 Mostly Jazz

Merry Christmas

12/20/2008 A Great Blend Of Watercolors

Grand Diva delivered a SPECIAL Happy Holidays edition of A Great Blend of Watercolors. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

12/19/2008 Crap From The Past

2008: The Year In Review

12/19/2008 Radio Rumpus Room

Radio Rumpus Room was honored to have as guests this week two local gents who play a prominent role in Trashmen lore: Mike Jann and Larry LaPole. Mike is a lifelong friend of the band, the defacto archivist and the person responsible for all the live two-track tapes of the band that have found their way onto multiple Sundazed Records releases. Larry LaPole wrote many of the Trashmen’s greatest tunes (King Of The Surf, A-Bone, My Woodie, Sleeper, et al) and was a local country artist in his own right. It was a blast to have them on the show, sharing their anecdotes!

Note: KFAI is still having trouble on a handful of shows with the new, vastly improved MP3 archives. RRR is one of those shows where it is totally screwed up. Folks are working on it and we are hopeful that we will have something to show you in the very near future. Thanks for your patience!

12/19/2008 MN Soundtrack
12/19/2008 Sugar Shop
12/19/2008 Radio Antilles

Thanks to Tony Paul (aka the Trinidaddy of Shake and Bake Mondays 1PM – 3PM ) for hosting this edition of Radio Antilles. Check out the Shake and Bake page here:

12/19/2008 Catalyst: Politics and Culture
12/19/2008 Louisiana Rhythms