12/22/2008 Kinda Cloudy Radio

STEELY is joined in the studio by DJ MARKS. afro brazilian funk- house party funk- jazz reggae…

12/21/2008 Tehuti: From the Griot to the MC
12/21/2008 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground

The World Beneath, Part 3, in which Arthur and his companions explore the Valley of the Sunstones, find the amazing strutters and a hidden stairway.
Short subjects from ZBS, Peter Sellers and the Firesign Theatre.

12/21/2008 Bonjour Minnesota
12/21/2008 Filipino American National News
12/21/2008 Wave Project

TV Tunes
Television theme songs from days, and shows, gone by presented by Andrea Ulrich.

12/21/2008 Encuentro

Música de la tradición Navideña, de América latina y de España.

(The Play List is included within)

12/21/2008 Womenfolk

Annual Songs of Winter special, celebrating the Solstice, Christmas and Channukah!

12/21/2008 Century Song

Today we began with a folk tune from Czech’s, Chorea Bohemica (Supraphon), that was followed by a guitar tune from Shawn David McMillon’s Catfish recording (Tompkins Square), then a tune from the great French composer and organist, Olivier Messiaen (EMI), followed by ancient Japanese polyphony, Gagaku (king records), and Japanese Shakuhachi (Music of the World), a Mongolian tune for the horse head fiddle (Inedit), a Tibetian chant from Lama Tashi (Spirit Music), another tune from Messiaen, Sicilian brass band, Banda Ionica (Dunya), the hour was finished off with a tune from Musica Bohemica (Supraphon).

In the second hour we heard a suite of tunes from Masters of Persian Music (M.R Shajarian, H. Alizadeh, K.Kalhor, H. Shajarian-World Village) in Dastgah Nava, We also heard a couple of tunes from guitarist, Davy Graham (Topic), a tune from locals, Roma di Luna, and Dark, Dark, Dark.

12/21/2008 Songs Of Praise

Gospel Xmas and traditional Gospel music for the upcoming Holiday.