8/30/2008 Caribbean Jam


8/30/2008 Good 'N Country

It was a gunfightin’, head-thumpin’, hard-drinkin’,
heart-breakin’, tractor-trailer-slingin’, Red-bashin’,
bad-choice-makin’, ripped-from-today’s-headlines-takin’ edition of
Good’n‘Country, as Radio Rumpus Room’s Ron and Jean sat in for the
Minnesota State Fair visitin’ Ken Hippler.

8/30/2008 Sabados Alegres
8/30/2008 Mostly Jazz

Lester Young – August 27, 1909 Woodville, MS

8/30/2008 A Great Blend Of Watercolors

Grand Diva (Dee Henry Williams) along with Melinda J delivered a whole lot of GREAT ole’ school tunes today!


8/29/2008 Crap From The Past

Welcome back students

8/29/2008 Radio Rumpus Room

So hop in baby let’s cruise out of here
Yeah this ain’t the place to be
And if you get tired along the way
Baby we can roll down the back seat
From Wausau to Wichita, Oconowauc Beach
Yeah, we’ve got places to see
So c’mon baby, let’s go for a ride with my red Checker wagon and me

— The Overtones, Red Checker Wagon

8/29/2008 MN Soundtrack

Jackie and Jonathan

8/29/2008 Sugar Shop