9/1/2008 Sonic Pleasure

8th Anniversary Show

9/1/2008 Kinda Cloudy Radio

DJ Cozy Little of A HREF= Ship Ska Trip/A navigates this 2-hour Kinda Cloudy adventure…

8/31/2008 Tehuti: From the Griot to the MC
8/31/2008 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground

The Last Harbinger, the first episode of Crazy Dog Audio Theatre’s satirical serial.
Conventional humor, sketches from ZBS, the Firesign Theatre and Peter Sellers.

8/31/2008 Bonjour Minnesota
8/31/2008 Filipino American National News
8/31/2008 Wave Project

What You Don’t Know
Host Patricia McKee and guest Jim Taylor, filmmaker and satirist, present a discussion of nonpartisan politics from a satirical frame as the nation’s political conventions draw near.

8/31/2008 Encuentro

Canciones relacionadas al “Labor Day”. Don Carlos García y su hojita musical. Música de cantautores españoles. Un breve saludo de cumpleaños al compositor argentino Ariel Ramírez. Lectura de “Conducta en los velorios” del escritor argentino Julio Cortázar, en su propia voz.

(The Play List and the whole text of “Conducta en los velorios” is included within)

8/31/2008 Womenfolk

Women’s Work Labor Day Special!

8/31/2008 Century Song

Today we listened to music in honor of the Republican National Convention. Music began with various tunes from Afghanistan including music of the Pashai (Le Chante du Monde), songs from the Shams Ensemble (Harmonia Mundi), Tribal music (Traditional Crossroads). This was followed by music from Iraq, including rythmic Muqams (Unesco), Rashid al-Qundarji (Al Sur), Amir El Saffir (own label), Rahim Alhaj (Smithsonian). This was followed by music from Iran, including music from Boushehr (Mahoor), Dutar music from Khorassan (Ocora), music from the Bakhtiari (Cassette), and music from Mazandaran (Mahoor).
We also heard songs from Dick Gaughan (Appleseed), Andy Irvine (Appleseed), and the Clash (Epic)