9/21/2008 Filipino American National News
9/21/2008 Wave Project

As part of the KFAI’s Program Development training program, host Luis Alverenga and his guests from the community discuss important topics such as homelessness, poverty and immigrant rights plus play great world music.

9/21/2008 Encuentro

Program kindly hosted by Carla Hagen and Eve MacLeish. Gilberto deeply appreciates the fact that Carla and Eve dedicated this program to the memory of Doña María Dolores Valle, his mother, who passed away on Sunday, September 14.

9/21/2008 Womenfolk

Celebrating National Singles Week!

9/21/2008 Century Song

Today we listened to music from past Nordic Roots Festivals at the Cedar Cultural Center. We heard live tracks from Vasen, Ellika Frisell with Bruce Molsky, Annbjorg Lien, Matts Eden with Tina Quartey, and Hoven Droven. We also heard and interview with Murat of the Turkish group Baba Zula and tracks from their Kokler-Roots recording (Double Moon Records). During the second hour we talked with John Wright of Lehto and Wright and heard tracks from their latest recording Between the Jigs and the Reels (New Folk Records). We closed out with a live track from South Indian Singer S. Sowmya.

9/21/2008 Songs Of Praise

Gospel is a genre of such that touches the very skeleton of the soul. We hope that everyone’s religious bone structure is motivated to take themselves to a place of worship.

9/20/2008 Strictly Butter
9/20/2008 RSE Radio
9/20/2008 Temposphere

Maiden Voyage mix

9/20/2008 Sangam