1/18/2009 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground

Captain Blood, Part 2, Rafael Sabatini’s novel adapted by the Colonial Radio Theatre. And Hicks by Jeffrey Adams of Imagination X.

1/18/2009 Bonjour Minnesota
1/18/2009 Filipino American National News
1/18/2009 Wave Project

Under Cover
Rob Whitney and Bruce Heizing offer a full hour of interesting cover versions of familiar songs. Give a listen – you may not believe what, and who, you hear!

1/18/2009 Encuentro

Vallenatos de Colombia. Un par de canciones del “soundtrack” de “Che”, la película de Steven Soderbergh. Música tradicional de Perú. Un homenaje al tenor y médico mexicano Alfonso Ortiz Tirado.

The Play List is included within.

1/18/2009 Womenfolk

Music for MLK Day and the inauguration with live music from Brianna Lane!

1/18/2009 Century Song

In the first hour we listened to a concert from 4th Annual Minnesota Sur Seine Festival. From 16 May, 2008 it was An Evening with Federico Garcia Lorca. We heard music performed by pianist, Tony Hymas, with Michelle Kinney, Jacqueline Ultan on cellos, and guitarist, Jef Lee Johnson. We also heard Violeta Ferrer recite the poetry of Lorca with guitarist Raymond Boni, and the hour was closed out with Flamenco music by Gabriel Gonzalez on vocals, and Miguel Linares on guitar. Recording engineer was Mario Vano, concert was edited by Dan Rein.

During the second hour we took a musical journey through Ireland.

1/18/2009 Songs Of Praise


1/17/2009 Strictly Butter
1/17/2009 RSE Radio