1/15/2009 Write On Radio!

Nordic roots author, educator, and performance artist Kari Tauring joins us to talk about traditions for winter and the new year. Her new book is called The Runes: A Human Journey. She’ll also be part of the Art Shanty Project this Saturday, January 17th, noon – 4 pm on frozen Medicine Lake in Plymouth.

Celtic writer and raconteur Bill Watkins also joins us in anticipation of Burns Night, a night of festivities celebrating Robert Burns held near his birthday, January 25th. Bill Watkins is the author of a trilogy of memoirs, A Celtic Childhood, Scotland Is Not for the Squeamish, and The Once and Future Celt.

1/15/2009 The Dakota Dave Hull Show
1/15/2009 The Rockhouse
1/15/2009 Rocket Ship Ska Trip
1/15/2009 In Your Ear
1/14/2009 Scandinavian Cultural Hour
1/14/2009 House Party
1/14/2009 Global Beat

War in Gaza, the Bush regime exits stage right, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Barack Obama… quite a convergence. Celebrating inspite of it all – with the voices of Rokia Traore Concha Buica.

1/14/2009 Stone Soup