9/29/2008 Good Noise
9/29/2008 Sonic Pleasure

The Bosstown Sound

9/29/2008 Kinda Cloudy Radio

heavy dose of the blues- jazz/soul/funk- latin/jazz/dub…

9/28/2008 Tehuti: From the Griot to the MC
9/28/2008 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground

The Last Harbinger, Episode 5, the conclusion of Crazy Dog Audio Theatre’s political satire. Pay attention.
A Study In Wax, by Union Signal. A recreation of an Escape episode from the 1940s.

9/28/2008 Bonjour Minnesota
9/28/2008 Filipino American National News
9/28/2008 Wave Project

Poquito y Bueno
Teacher and dancer Kristina de Sacramento plays flamenco music, presents the dance calendar and interviews flamenco singer Maria Elena from Cordoba, Spain, who now lives in the Twin Cities.

9/28/2008 Encuentro

Homenaje a Pablo Neruda y Víctor Jara a 35 años de su muerte. Canciones clásicas mexicanas a la memoria de mi madre, Doña María Dolores Valle.

(The Play List is included within)

9/28/2008 Womenfolk

Dar Williams interview and highlights from the 2008 Americana Conference!