2/1/2009 Songs Of Praise

This is Gospel for those cold minnesota mornings when we’d all like to just roll over and stay in the warmth of our beds and remain in the presence of God!

1/31/2009 Strictly Butter
1/31/2009 RSE Radio
1/31/2009 Temposphere

Lemon 714 Mix

Check out this beguiling video: for Pierre Avia’s Why Should I Cry, no doubt inspired by Bertrand Blier’s groundbreaking comedy Les Valsueses: (Going Places.)

1/31/2009 Sangam
1/31/2009 Caribbean Jam

TITLES WITH ** INDICATES NEW RELEASES – Tune in on Feb 7th as we celebrate Bob Marley’s birthday for Black History month,with all Bob’s music.Send requests to

1/31/2009 Good 'N Country
1/31/2009 Sabados Alegres
1/31/2009 Mostly Jazz
1/31/2009 A Great Blend Of Watercolors