10/8/2008 Echo Chamber

Dubmatix: and the excellent new album Renegade Rocker set the tone for one heavy, rootical show. Following this lead, we piled on more crucial new sounds from Mista Majah P, Dub Gabriel, Master Margherita, Zion Roof Prophet, Pale Rider, and more…

10/8/2008 Dart Gun Radio
10/7/2008 Rhythm and Grooves

Composer/Percussionist Billy Fox came by to talk about the composer workshops he’s been conducting, his compositions, and the October 9 concert at MacPhail which will feature Twin Cities musicians playing his compositions.

10/7/2008 Disabled and Proud

Jack Reuler talks about Mixed Blood Theater’s play Distracted. A play that touches on the issues of ADHD.

10/7/2008 Rollin' and Tumblin'

Thanks for all your calls during the show. Today’s program featured more champagne than 12-bar blues but whether its golden or straight ahead….it all comes from the same root. The Mississippi Delta!

10/7/2008 Corazon Latino
10/7/2008 Dig Up The Roots

A fraction of the FONOTONE sound. Joe Bussard rules the air waves.

10/7/2008 Pam Without Boundaries

The last couple of times I was in New Orleans, I saw a flyer tacked to a light pole and taped in a window for a group called the Zydepunks. Cajun, Irish, Jewish Punk is what accompanied the hand-drawn Social Distortion-like skeleton on the flyer. And each time they had already played, and I was seeing an old flyer. I took a picture of one, thinking one day I might actually catch this local NOLA band. Now I don’t have to wait until my next visit! KFAI got their debut record this week! I was so excited to share it during the 7:00 hour. We also heard Joseph Arthur and brand new Pert’ Near Sandstone. See you next week on pledge drive!

10/7/2008 Our Show of Shows

Jerry Garcia Band 11/25/88 Wiltern Theatre LA, Ca.

10/6/2008 Jet Set Planet

Smells like the inside of my grandmother’s purse…