International Women and their wondrous voices celebrated !

In celebration of International Women’s Day (March 8th) and National Women’s History Month, the Echo Chamber presented its annual “Beautiful Sounds of Women…Around the World” special. And what a great list of women singers & players we had on this year’s show: Marcia Griffiths, Rita Marley, Lillian Williams, Judy Mowatt, Eva Be, Victoria Moralez, Masia One, Jazz’min Tutum, Leah Rosier, Nkulee Dube, Tricia Grant, Lydia and Shema Sutherland (L&S symfHoney), Sista Caro, Kirsty Rock (Trumystic), The Angel (60 Channels), Daniela Muller, Andrea Parker, Leona Prue (All India Radio), SXtheMadArtist (aka Stalo Xinari), Natacha Atlas, Sussan Deyhim, Julie Campbell, Jaqee, Christine Miller, Likkle Mai, Natalie Pa’apa’a (Blue King Brown), Jennifer Merdaler, Eartha Kitt, Nina Simone, Rachel Eliot (Mass. Hysteria), Suphala, Rhoda Dakar (Special AKA), Shiina Ringo, Princess Anla, and Kaori Takeda. Wow! What a group of artistic Women…

super Tuesday my ass – mine was worked off to make ends meet. Had enough, so lets rock, seeing I’m back at work at 7am tomorrow and it’s almost 4am. Sly and the Family Stone, Nick Curran, the Stooges, Mallard, Damned, Death, COws, Space, Cramps, Johnny Mandel, Reagan Youth, JOe Jackson, BK-One, Mos Def, Chiddy Bang, Husker Du, K’nann, Minutemen, Big Black, L7, Karen O and more.

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To celebrate the International“Day of the Woman”, Louise and Olaf bring you a selection of French songs performed by well-known women artists.

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We chat with Kris Bigalk, whose first full-length collection of poetry, Repeat the Flesh in Numbers, is forthcoming from New York Quarterly Books in 2012. Kris’ poetry has appeared in Hip Mama, Silk Road, and The Water~Stone Review. She is currently Director of Creative Writing at Normandale Community College.

Also joining us is Lyda Morehouse, a.k.a. Tate Hallaway, to discuss Almost Everything, the third and final book in the Vampire Princess of St. Paul series under the Tate Hallaway pen name. The previous books in that series are Almost to Die For and Almost Final Curtain. Lyda Morehouse is also the author of the Shamus Award-winning Archangel Protocol series.

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Music from the 2012 Folk Alliance International Conference & live in-studio performance by Sarah Morris!