1/24/2009 Good 'N Country
1/24/2009 Sabados Alegres
1/24/2009 Mostly Jazz
1/24/2009 A Great Blend Of Watercolors


1/23/2009 Crap From The Past

Pre-17 Inauguration Fever

1/23/2009 Radio Rumpus Room

Inexplicably, listeners called and emailed us to say they actually liked this week’s show. The RRR Research Organization will spare no expense in the coming weeks to determine how that occurred.

1/23/2009 MN Soundtrack

MN Soundtrack is all local all the time!

1/23/2009 Sugar Shop
1/23/2009 Radio Antilles

Radio Antilles Goes Latino. It’
s a special edition featuring the musical tastes of Pablo, Nestor and Diego.