Super Body Super Brain

Michael Wallace Gonzalez talked with Kinshasha about his important work and the latest research on movement and the brain.

Sharpen your mind and get in shape at the same time, with an innovative new workout stimulating multiple areas of the brain as it strengthens and tones the entire body. Acclaimed sports trainer Michael Gonzalez-Wallace (O magazine’s “go-to guy” for anything about the body) shares with Health Notes listeners about why a daily ten-minute workout will optimize muscle power while boosting brain activity—training the brain by training the body

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Guest Host DAVID CUMMINGS Sits In . . . .

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I was pleased to have five very talented singers from the Twin Cities Cabaret Artists Network on the show this week. Also a wrap-up of Black History Month.

Houston, Houston, Do You Read?, by James Tiptree, Jr. From Sci-Fi Radio, the tale of three astronauts who return from a trip around the sun to find that things have changed a lot since they’ve been gone.

The Hippy Hop. Social commentary, interviews, and music with hosts Aaron and Brian Nalezny.

Today we had special guest Jode Dowling and Bryan Miller of the Center for Irish music playing tunes during the first hour.

During the second hour we had special guest, guitarist, Dean Magraw playing live.