3/3/2009 Rollin' and Tumblin'

The blues heals and I needed the healing on this Tuesday.

3/3/2009 Corazon Latino

Homenaje a Mary Ann Mariana O’ Dougherty/ Homage to Mary Ann Mariana O’ Dougherty/ A Beleza Nunca Desvanece/ Beauty Never Dies

3/3/2009 Dig Up The Roots

78 O’clock for 2 entire hours.

3/3/2009 Pam Without Boundaries

We heard no lenten music this morning. We did hear new music from Bell X1, Randy Weeks, and the Bran Flakes. Check the playlist for the threads that connected those sounds.

3/3/2009 Our Show of Shows

$26 In My Hand Edition
St. Kate’s

3/2/2009 Jet Set Planet

Mother load of filmic gold!

3/2/2009 CHAT Radio: Hmong Arts Culture

Continuation of Interview with Nenick Vu of the MoVan show from Sacramento, CA.

Filmmaker Kang Vang of Team Chow Fa

Katie Vang of the CHAT theatre play: Hmongland

Song of the week: Logo Our Own Ways from Georgia

3/2/2009 Listening Lounge

Voices from the Harbor: A half-hour documentary about opiate-addicted women who enter treatment for their addictions after becoming pregnant.

3/2/2009 Bop Street

REMEMBERING RONNIE I—Founder and President of UNITED IN GROUP HARMONY ASSOCIATION—who left us just a year ago. MARCH 2 Found MR LEE snowed in South of the Mason Dixon line, so Wednesday Morning’s ROCKIN’ IN RHYTHM host DAVID CUMMINGS pinch hit and knocked one out of the Vocal Group Harmony PArk

3/2/2009 The Shake and Bake Show