Big up to Tony Paul from Shake & Bake Show ( Mondays 12-2pm) for sitting in for me today.

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A mix of new and old today, including older music from Charles Earland, The Monk Big Band, Miles, Clifford Brown, Joe Turner,and Wardell Gray. New(er) music from Pancho Sanchez, Maude Hixson, Cristina Morrison and Scott Cowan.

Cousin Andy, housesitting for the Jazz family, focusing on music by, about, and for the great South African bassist Johnny M’bizo Dyani.

SPECIAL GUEST TODAY!! Donald Hooker, Jr (DJ as we all call him), National Youth Chess Champ!! Way to go!! Congrats!!

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Beasties, Weird Al, Fountains Of Wayne

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Enjoy the 2nd half of “Tortoise and the Minenapolis Jazz All Stars,” a live broadcast from the Walker Art Center, Friday May 4. The concert ran from approximately 8:00pm to 9:20pm. Also, don’t miss the last 20 minutes of this archive – Ron Gerber’s “Smooth Jazzatude.” It’s terrific!