Hosted by Princess Libby who reveled in bluegrass gone wild with bagpipes. Frolicked with Scottish Louisiana Cajun zydeco. Knocked back whiskey with Archie Fisher. Listened to tunes by Sandy Denny, Joy Division, and more. And consoled Lulu who got upset by The Clash.

Ozpop, a buncha 1982 and Achy Breaky James

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Hunca Munca, Man. Hunca Munca. Also Walter Wanderley by request!

Havin’ Fun With David Rockin’ Cried Softly Wiley!! And Eric Too!!

This program presents Lila Downs, Chabuca Granda, from Peru, the Latin American guitar tradition, tangos with the visiting Alejandro Ziegler Tango Quartet, and “Sones Jarochos” from Veracruz, Mexico.

Play List

Host: Dixie Treichel

Guests: Rev. Rebecca Voelkel, Representative Susan Allen, Matthew Everett, Jefferson Fietek

Religion & Politics: MN Marriage Amendment & Voter ID Amendment from the Faith and American Indian perspectives
“But Not For Love”-a gay marriage themed play; Justin’s Gift, an LGBTQ youth group denied participation in the Anoka Halloween parade