A preview of the upcoming Tinariwen shows at the Dakota, a look at the music of Mali and much more on today's show.

10/25 in a nutshell…

Thought I’d point you all right in the direction off the “Ooh” first this week, just because that mix of the Peel session into the single release of The English Beat’s “Ranking Full Stop” came out soooo perfect! You’ll find it sandwiched between The Specials and Morgan (“The Hoople”) Fisher (I’ll be playing that Hybrid-ized take of “MacArthur Park” ‘til I die.) Other “Ooh” highlights included advance Skalloween pick “Hard Man fe Dead” by Prince Buster and my current fave Blues Blasters cut “Marjie”. Sherwood featured selections from a recent expedition to Hymie’s Records, including two completely different tunes identified as “La Bomba” (played by Joe Loco and Arthur Lyman, respectively), one of which is in fact “La Bamba”! Other choice cuts from the trip included goodies by the Sauter-Finegan Orchestra featuring jazz poet Ruth Yorke, Woody Herman, and the Red Dougherty Sextet featuring Eddie Tolck on vibes, sounding very much to these delighted ears like the aforementioned late, great Mr. Lyman gone trad jazz. Shiina Ringo warned us again this week that “rain’s a-comin’ down, rain’s a-comin’ down” and, sure enough, I took my bike ride home after the show in a steady light drizzle. The Skatalites gotchaSKAvered (fourth week in a row… a show record!), this time with their ’64 Treasure Isle-label cover of “Pachito E Che” a.k.a. “Latin Goes Ska”, kicking off a late-starting Home Stretch. “Skalitics” was the order of the day on the 5@5:05, and topics ranging from faux news, war, hunger and gender equality, to the ugly truth about Columbus were touched on in the song selection. You’ll want to catch this election-season commemorative set on the archives, where everything originating from KFAI’s air studio exists for 2 weeks from date of broadcast. There’s more Skalloween-type stuff in this week’s Home Stretch as well… eeeeeeeeeek!

Heart of the Beast Puppet & Mask Theatre
Produced by Dixie Treichel
In 1973 a small group of artists met in the basement of Walker Church in south Minneapolis and formed Powderhorn Puppet Theatre. Six years later the name changed to In Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre, and nearly 30 years later the troupe is still going strong. Using the art of transformation in its stories and ceremonial performances, the company creates main-stage productions, educational programs, street performances and an annual May Day Parade and Festival that welcomes community participation. HOBT uses a variety of techniques, traditions and materials, including gigantic and small-rod puppets, shadow puppetry, hand puppets, colorful costumes and unique masks of all shapes and sizes. Both human and non-human characters are created, and performances focus on social justice and environmental themes. Still based in the Powderhorn neighborhood, In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre has grown into an internationally renowned theater with roots deeply planted in its community. For more infomration, visit Produced for KFAI by Dixie Treichel.

Margaret Chase Smith, Shirley Chisholm, Gracie Allen & Alben Barkley by Radio Diaries

Click “Episode Details” for complete playlist and to listen to show. Highlights include:Zappa’s “Chunga’s Revenge” was released Oct. 23, 1970, so we celebrated the 42nd anniversary of that as part of our “We Hope You’re Ready for Flo & Eddie” segment, plus new music by The Wallflowers, Iris Dement, Widespread Panic, Charlie Peacock, John Hiatt, Darrell Scott & Tim O’Brien, Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs, and Lindi Ortega. Older songs included James McMurtry, Eilen Jewell, Lonnie Donegan, Son Volt, Grayson Capps, The Doors, Paul Thorn, BR5-49, etc.