3/18/2009 Scandinavian Cultural Hour

Celtic meets Nordic-Aly Bain, Boys of the Lough, and Scandinavian fiddler Ale Moller play trditional fiddle music.

3/18/2009 House Party
3/18/2009 Global Beat

Celebrating a completion of sorts – the FMLN comes to power after decades of struggle in El Salvador.

3/18/2009 Stone Soup

Long time volunteer and good friend Liz Olds sits in for Pam K today. Thanks for the great show, Liz!

3/18/2009 Rockin' In Rhythm

Lots of the great Nat King Cole this week. All that and the play list.

3/18/2009 Echo Chamber

A special night as the Echo Chamber presented our annual Beautiful Sounds of Women…Around the World special. In celebration of National Women’s History Month, and honoring International Women’s Day, we featured a great list of women singers players.

3/18/2009 Dart Gun Radio

today – it’s all Clancy Brothers, the Replacements, and the Pogues.
because I can

3/17/2009 Rhythm and Grooves
3/17/2009 Disabled and Proud

Yael Furman, talking about the new Step-Hear-system.