A very special two hour, all-45, Love-Themed Edition of Kinda Cloudy Radio! Featuring tracks by Carolyn Veal, The Delfonics, Syl Johnson, JC Brooks, Rickey Calloway, Marva Whitney, Curtis Mayfield, Freddie Scott, The Four Mints, The Young Hearts, The Parliaments & many many more…

“Amor y desamor” is the theme of this program —an early celebration (sort of) of Saint Valentine’s Day.

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2/9 in a nutshell
We’ve plugged “skeatles” on this show before, but this week, prepare to meet the real thing! The Skeatles, much like Ringo Ska, are an all-Beatles-covers ska band, this one HQ’d in Groningen, Netherlands, where this live gig recording originated. Our “fab” 4(+2)-in-a-row also had Ringo Ska in it, as well as Skapontas. GotchaSKAvered’s J-Lollipops week 2 was sung by Mie Nakao, we had another new Pinstripes track, Sherwood reprised Perez Prado’s epic “Voodoo Suite”, and the “Ooh” belatedly celebrated the same-day (this past Monday Feb. 6) birthdays of Bob Marley and Derrick Harriott. Jerk to the Ska!