We speak with poet Tim Nolan about his new collection, And Then. He is also the author of The Sound of It, which was a finalist for a Minnesota Book Award. And Garrison Keillor has read his poems on The Writer's Almanac.

We also speak with Adrian Lee about his new book, Mysterious Minnesota: Digging up the Ghostly Past at 13 Haunted Sites. A former news correspondent for Darkness Radio, he is also a co-founder and lead writer for Ecto Magazine.

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Halloween Special, featuring spooky songs about spirits, saints & ghosts!

Saints, souls, witches and ghosts! It’s the Pop Shop All Hallow’s Eve show. Plus, birthday spins for Todd Newman and Denny Laine (Moody Blues—when they were cool).

Pop and a lot of funky fusion.

Near v Minnesota: How a local rag ignited a First Amendment firestorm
When Minneapolis politicians censored small time scandal sheet publisher, Jay Near, it sparked the country’s first debate on whether the government can control people’s speech and punish them for publishing unpopular ideas. Called the first great press case, the surprising 1931 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Near vs. Minnesota is a landmark of First Amendment law, and continues to guide our democracy today. KFAI producer Susan Gray talks to media and legal experts, who describe the characters that played a role in creating this important jurisprudence.