The soft hammer of the highly liquidated, cocktail-jazz ambiance of the Higher-Than-Fi.

Trent Reznor Birthday Celebration

Chocolate for the Crickets!!

DJ Rambo Salinas of Hotpants Rare Soul & Funk joins Steely in the studio for two hours of vinyl delights featuring Johnny Talbot, Albert Washington, Lillian Dupree, Rocky Gil, Dimas III, The Commands, The Cheaters, The Hi-Lites, The Satin Dolls, The Royal Chessmen, The Fabulous Playboys, & more…

This program presents songs by Cuco Sánchez, from Mexico, Mambos, Danzones, and songs from the Argentinean folklore. The literature segment presents the first part of “Aura”, by Carlos Fuentes, read by the author himself.

Play List

Hosts: Dixie Treichel & John Townsend

Guests: Sarah Bellamy, Pam Colby, Amy Rummenie, Nick Shillingford

The Amen Corner, Fertile Ashes, Out Twin Cities Film Festival
Compleat Female Stage Beauty, Harvey Milk Day March & Rally