4/16/2009 In Your Ear
4/15/2009 Scandinavian Cultural Hour

Var så snill og bli med i KFAI familjen!!!!!


4/15/2009 House Party
4/15/2009 Global Beat

Pledge show #1 includes tail end of Democracy Now! on Pacifica’s 60th birthday; Taxman on Tax Day – Don Olson visits and then Shashi from Sangam ! Pledge your support to KFAI’s 31st yr. !

4/15/2009 Stone Soup

The first Spring Pledge Drive show for Stone Soup! Happy Spring!

4/15/2009 Rockin' In Rhythm

At the top of hour two you can hear the last of my interview with Noel Neill. All that and the playlist as well.

4/15/2009 Echo Chamber

After two weeks off, Dr. StrangeDub was back in the driver’s seat… And the good doctor came with a bag full of new stuff: the new Dub Tentacles compilation on Fresh Poulp; the Hi-Fi Hustlers’ Blagging It EP; and the new Remembering Machine from Secret Archives of the Vatican topped the list.

4/15/2009 Dart Gun Radio

This Week of Pledge Drive Ian Rans was awesome enough to come in (that is, Drinking with Ian) – Ian fame – so uber cool it was to have him shuffle down in the midnight hour and help us do what we do. Thank you Ian!!!!!!
thank you pledges:
Pam, David, Mike, the guy that pledged a dollar, and the rest of you pledging on line in the future.
People spending their time and hard used energy:
Topkat, Ryan, Mark, Ian, Larry and more… thank you for making pledge drive a party!

4/14/2009 Rhythm and Grooves