4/12/2009 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground

Peter and the Wolf, narrated by Weird Al Yankovic, music by Wendy Carlos.
Commercial Parodies from a wide variety of sources.

4/12/2009 Bonjour Minnesota

Pledge drive! There are old favorites and new music from France and French-speaking countries.

4/12/2009 Filipino American National News
4/12/2009 Wave Project

The radio play A Tale of the Not-So-Gay 90s, scheduled for this date, was not quite finished to the satisfaction of writer and director Charles Lord. Instead, Charles presents samples of KFAI’s diverse range of music, from Rayvon to Aaron Copeland.

4/12/2009 Encuentro

First “Encuentro” within KFAI’s Spring Pledge Drive.

Pledge on line here:

Play List:

4/12/2009 Womenfolk

Special pledge drive show with guests and a live interview with Lucy Kaplansky!

4/12/2009 Century Song

Today we had special guests John Wright and Steve Lehto of Lehto and Wright. They played some lively Irish jigs and reels, Schumann and other traditional tunes.

In the second hour we had music for viola d’gamba, violin, lute, and baroque guitar. My guest were Julie Elhard, Miriam Scholz-Carlson, and Rocky Mjos playing tunes from the Renaissance and Baroque era.

4/12/2009 Songs Of Praise
4/11/2009 Strictly Butter

1.Sigha – On The Strip- On The Strip EP- Hotflush
2.Spherix – Lesser People- Lesser People EP- Not On Label
3.Spherix – Hepatus – Hepatus EP- Not On Label

4/11/2009 RSE Radio